year: 2015

holiday card 2015

I have an internet friend whose work I really admire. He did a series of paintings/drawings on library check out cards. I bought a few for holiday presents. Well, should I say I copied? or say I was inspired by them? And I decided to look for vintage library cards on ebay. The only ones I found were these Library of Congress file cards, so I bought them. Jake and I pondered over what to put on them, and since there was so much talk this year about closing borders and keeping people out and all kinds of terrible rhetoric, we decided that we would like to offer some little peace card. Jake came up with the fence idea and our friend Todd brainstormed with us on “tag lines” and in the end we did a play on words using “Dewey”.

Someone on facebook was very quick to point out that this in not the Dewey decimal system. Oh well. It’s a concept. I think we can live with it. :)