year: 2013


Things have been piling up in the studio. There are drawers full of ephemera, magazines and photographs. This year I decided to be “green” and recycle what I already have. I am trying to be totally anti-consumerism and thought: if I could only make my cards from what ever was existing there already it would be a better thing for me to do. Jacob has been quite busy with work, and so I went ahead without him this time, please don’t hold him responsible for the crazies.

One thing I wanted to make a reference to was the work of William Kentridge. I think he might be my all time favorite person in the arts. He is a brilliant animator, painter, drawer, etc. with a brilliant mind and wonderful humor. He did a series called NO, IT IS, and my reply to this was “Yes, I can’t.”

Another comment I wanted to make was to someone named Danica Phelps, who came up with the most convoluted idea about making “lineages” and selling them. You buy stripes, basically, and get listed in her stripebook. I really can’t wrap my head around it all, but I think it’s either genius, or preposterous. In any case, I sent you some lines of my own, for free, I hope you like them.

If you did not get the individual postcards as described above you might have received a vintage holiday card circa 1960s. There is no explanation for that.

Here is a wonderful video that shows the intriguing mind of William Kentridge: